LOGO DIGITAL FLAGSHIP STORE is the biggest online shop in Indonesia which has 4 popular brands, namely LOGO JEANS, NINETY DEGRESS, BOMBBOOGIE and BODYTALK. We provide fashion and lifestyle needs for man and woman.

    Can I become a reseller LOGO DIGITAL FLAGSHIP STORE products?

    Sorry, LOGO DIGITAL FLAGSHIP STORE did not have reseller program

    2. Purchasing & ordering

    How can I create LOGO DIGITAL FLAGSHIP STORE account?

    Step 1: Register trough shopping transaction
    •    Once you have selected product that you want and want to proceed to payment, click Checkout
    •    You will be directed to Sign in / Register Member / Guest page
    •    After Sign in, click Continue Sopping for re shopping, click Proceed to Checkout for proceed to the payment
    •    On the next page, complete  your data in information column
    •    Check your shopping list
    •    Choose one of payment methods that will be used
    •    Click Finish Order
    •    Complete your transaction and automatically, your LOGO DIGITAL FLAGSHIP account was successfully created

    Step 2: Register Without Shopping Transaction
    •    Click Sign in / Register that is in upper right corner of the website
    •    In the next page, complete your data and click Sign up.
    •    After that, you will be brought in to your account page.

    After you’ve finish the registering, a confirmation will be sent to the email address that you entered

    How the steps to buy the products in DIGITAL FLAGSHIP STORE?

    •    Go to http://www.logojeans.co.id
    •    Choose product category that you want to buy. You can simply click on the desired product.
    •    On the product page, select size and color you want and click Add to Cart to put items into a shopping bag.
    •    Check your shopping bag, if it correct click Checkout.
    •    You will be brought to member page for Sign In.
    •    In the next page (after Sign In), you will be find three required  and selected fields.

    o    The first column: Customer data and shipping address.
    Complete your data and  your shipping order destination address.
    o    Second column: Order Information
    Recheck ordered items and total price to be paid
    o    Third column: Invoice Information
    If you check the column, if the invoice is sent to the same address, remove the checklist if the invoice is sent to different address, then complete the required data. Select one of currency that will be used for the transaction.
    o    Fourth column: Member Information
    If you checked the column, you will be automatically registered on the website.
    If you checked the column, you will registered for Newsletter shipment
    o    Fifth column: Payment Information
    Select the payment methods that you want (transfer to bank account, BCA Klikpay, Mandiri Klikpay)

    •    Once you ensuring that all fields are properly equipped, Click Finish Order. You will be receiving order confirmation email, unique code transaction, along with the total to be paid.

    I need help to process ordering products in LOGO DIGITAL FLAGSHIP STORE. To whom I could look for help?
    Please call our Customer Service or using the Live Chat (office hour)

    Is LOGO DIGITAL FLAGSHIP STORE has “drop shipping” system?
    No. LOGO DIGITAL FLAGSHIP STORE didn’t use drop shipping system.

    3. Promo & Voucher

    I am shopping using  vouchers. If I cancel the order, can I get my vouchers back?
    No. Vouchers that you have used will not be refunded if you cancel the order.

    How to use vouchers?
    You can use vouchers from shopping cart page when you do the transaction.
    •    Shopping cart page
    o    Input your voucher code as shown on the email (follow the use of uppercase and lowercase)
    o    Make sure you have entered it correctly. If so, click Submit Code
    o    Click Proceed to checkout to continue to the next page
    o    Your Nominal payment will automatically be reduced or discounts according to the amount of your voucher.

    What should I do if voucher code that I entered cannot be use/wrong?
    Please contact our customer service.

    Where can I get info about the newest promo?
    You can see it on the main page of our web page or by newsletter.

    4. Payment

    What methods payment are accepted by LOGO DIGITAL FLAGSHIP STORE?

    LOGO FLAGSHIP STORE accepted three kind methods payment
    •    Bank Transfer
    You can pay your order by way of transfer to our account in BCA or Bank Mandiri. Information account number will be given when you are finished shopping and also via email confirmation from us.
    •    BCA Klikpay ,
    •    Mandiri Clickpay

    Do I need give confirmation after making payment via Bank Transfer and how?
    Yes. You can do payment confirmation here.

    I choose payment method via transfer to bank account. How?
    You can just do the transaction bank transfer to LOGO FLAGSHIP STOTRE account number. Destination option of bank account is BCA or Bank Mandiri

    Last 3 digit number is your order number. Once you transfer your payment, confirm payment here.

    Account Number: 438 0100 300
    On behalf of: PT KLIK BELANJA LOGO
    Branch Office Address: Burangrang – Bandung Branch

    Bank Mandiri
    Account Number: 132 00 88 99 000 8
    Branch Office Address: Bandung Naripan 13230 Branch

    Your order will we proceed after payment is received. If you do not do payment within a period of 1 day / 24 hours, your order will be canceled automatically

    I want use my credit card for transaction. Is the transaction security guaranteed?
    We ensure that transaction using credit card in LOGO DIGITAL FLAGSHIP STORE website come of safely. LOGO DIGITAL FLAGSHIP STORE payment system has certified 256-bit SSL Encryption Security Certification provided by GoDaddy. You will see a padlock-shaped icon at the bottom of your internet browser. The icon signifies your security in the transaction at LOGO DIGITAL FLAGSHIP STORE.

    My credit card data was not accepted. What happened?
    Please contact the bank that issued your credit card to confirm the status of your credit card.

    Is the price listed on the LOGO DIGITAL FLAGSHIP STORE website is tax included?
    Yes. All products price at LOGO DIGITAL FLAGSHIP STORE is tax included.