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  • Logo Club Card is a member concept for the consumer of Logo, Bombboogie, Ninety Degrees, and BodyTalk.

    1. Logo Club Card member is valid at all Logo, Bombboogie, Ninety Degrees, BodyTalk, 10 PM Stores and applicable for one person only and not transferable, not valid as a means of payment.

    2. Logo Club Card can only be used in the Showroom and www.logojeans.co.id online stores for every purchases of Logo De Corps Company products: Logo, Bombboogie, Ninety Degrees, and BodyTalk.

    3. Card validity period is 2 years from registration.
    1. Member Registration of LOGO CLUB is possible when customers has made a minimum Rp 500.000,- Nett/ transaction (receipt) and does not apply multiples.

    2. LOGO CLUB member card activation is done maximum 7 working day since the registration process.

    3. The LOGO CLUB card is valid for 1 (one) person and is non-transferable, is not valid as a means of payments.

    4. LOGO CLUB card can only be used in the showroom and online store www.logojeans.co.id to purchase all products of Logo De Corps Company: LOGO, BOMBBOOGIE, NINETY DEGREES, BODYTALK.

    5. The card is valid for 2 years counted since customers do the registration.
    1. All LOGO CLUB Card holder are entitled to a discount of 15% for each purchase of products, the discount does not apply to products with special price or product Sale.

    2. Special discount for LOGO De Corps specific event. Apply as a VIP invitation to the events held by LOGO of De Corps.

    3. Every purchase of min. Rp.100,000 for special product of regular customers are entitled to 1 point (1 per transaction multiples, apply a stroke cannot be accumulated). Points can be exchanged for shopping vouchers or other gifts that are defined later. The point is valid until 1 year after the date of the last transaction.

    4. Every 10 achievement points, customer can exchange it with shopping voucher valued at Rp.100,000.

    5. LOGO CLUB Member will be sent a birthday greeting card and gift shopping voucher valued at Rp.100,000,-.

    6. LOGO CLUB member will be mailed the newest product information / promotion that will take place in the showroom or online store via email/phone.

    7. Customer Service for Members during office hour Monday to Friday from 08.30-17.30.
    1. If the card is lost or damaged, please contact Logo De Corps Customer Service by phone (022) 7514100 (hunting) during office hour Monday to Friday 8:30 to 17:30 or the nearest LOGO Showroom for blocking the card.

    2. Logo Club Card will be replaced within 14 working days after the report is received.

    3. Logo Club Card will be sent in accordance to the member's recent address.
    • Jakarta : Blok M Plaza, Ciputra Mall
    • Tangerang : Tangerang City, Alam Sutera
    • Bekasi : Metropolitan Mall, Grand Metropolitan Bekasi
    • Bandung : Bandung Indah Plaza, Paris Van Java
    • Yogyakarta : Plaza Ambarukmo
    • Banjarmasin : Duta Mall
    • Pekanbaru : Mall Ska
    • Padang : Plaza Andalas
    • Pontianak : Ahmad Yani Megamall
    • Samarinda : Plaza Mulia
    • Palembang : Palembang Square, Palembang Icon
    • Balikpapan : Balikpapan Superblock
    • Makasar : Mall Ratu Indah. Mall Panakukang
    • Manado : Manado Town Square
    • Ambon : Ambon City Center
    • Jayapura : Mall Jayapura